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Tom Colbert

Founder of TJC Consulting, Colbert has been a rotating trainer and community-affairs specialist for law enforcement and public safety agencies for more than three decades. He is also a former senior media executive, with 35 years of management and editorial experience in the national news, TV entertainment, publishing and motion-picture fields.

CommStatim (CS): In 2009, Mr. Colbert launched a service to provide crisis-management and media-liaison services to those with a badge or uniform. CS helps departments turn their emergency incidents and criminal-justice cases into news and entertainment stories that emphasize integrity, lessons learned and public service. And at no cost to the agencies involved.

Industry R & D, Inc. (IRD): Since broadcasting began, national radio and TV networks have routinely snatched headlines from small-town papers and news stations without crediting or compensating the local journalists that broke them. Mr. Colbert reversed this divisive practice in 1992 by launching IRD, a middleman story service that forwarded these breaking ledes to buyers in the national media. Each year, his staff would relay thousands of the best true tales to subscribing TV editors, publishers and producers in New York, Hollywood and media centers around the globe. In return, the regional reporters who tipped them received cash cuts from every sale. And under Colbert’s leadership, without one civil suit.

More than two dozen of these local news tips became books, documentaries, series and movies for the big and small screens – such as the 2012 feature, The Vow, starring Rachel McAdams (involving a car-accident survivor with amnesia); a 2013 HBO series pilot script order, Deep (cases from the USA’s #1 undercover hitman); and the 1994 TV movie, Baby Brokers, starring Cybill Shepherd (surrogate fraud case involving the LAPD and a U.S. Attorney). Mr. Colbert sold IRD in 2009 after 17 years as the company founder and CEO.

CBS & Paramount Television: Mr. Colbert began his professional career in 1980 with a journalism internship at the CBS flagship news station in Los Angeles, KCBS. Hired during college, he worked his way up to Senior Researcher. Dozens of breaking exclusives garnished his station team regional Emmys and Golden Mike awards, especially during major emergency coverage. In 1989, Mr. Colbert was recruited by Paramount Studios to become a Story Editor for a syndicated TV news magazine show. Two years later, he departed to take the position of Managing Editor for two reality programs featuring recreations of dramatic police & fire incidents.

California Specialized Training Institute (CSTI): Between his news assignments, Mr. Colbert served as a disaster-preparedness instructor at various police, fire and military academies – including 18 years at CSTI, the state’s renowned emergency management school at Camp San Luis. Thousands of professionals attended his monthly presentations covering terrorism, natural disasters, disinformation, hazardous materials and media-relations training (1983 to 2001).

Mr. Colbert is a graduate of the award-winning Journalism Department at Cal State University, Northridge. He is married with two children and resides in Ventura County, California.