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    The True Story Pipeline

    Since 1990, 400 local journalists across America have trusted Exec Producer Thomas J. Colbert with maintaining an off-the-grid story bank with thousands of their best breaking articles, look-back features and period pieces (See “The Gem Hunter” article for more). Searchable through 100 library categories, more than two dozen of the nationally-broken tales have reached the big/small screens and publishing — 8 to Colbert’s direct credit.*  Among them:

    “The Wedding Sting”
    Lacey Brown Story, Paramount Pictures; 2017 script order;  Scherick & Associates/ABC; 1993 TV-pilot script order; tipped in 1990

    “D.B. Cooper: Case Closed” – Robert W. Rackstraw Story, The History Channel; four-hour documentary aired 2016; tipped in 2011*

    “The Last Master Outlaw” – Robert W. Rackstraw Story, Jacaranda Roots Publishing;  2016 Co-Authored Book release; 3 National Awards for True Crime; tipped in 2011*

    “Deep” – Jack Ballentine Story, eOne Entertainment/HBO; 2013 Series Pilot Script Order; tipped in 2009

     “The Vow” – Carpenters Family Story, Spyglass Ent./Screen Gems; 2012 Feature, 2002 Book release; tipped in 1996*

     “The Unexpected Patriot” – Shannen Rossmiller Story, St. Martin’s Press; 2011 Book release; tipped in 2004*

    “Catch Her if You Can” – Esther Reed Story, Braun Ent. Group/Lifetime; 2012 Script Order; tipped in 2007

    “Inside the DEA” – Heidi Herrera/Green Ice Story, AuthorHouse Pub; 2006 Book release; tipped in 1993

    “Snapped” – Kristin Rossum Story, Jupiter Ent./Oxygen Network; 2004 Doc Series Episode; tipped in 2000

    “Date with Darkness” – Andrew Luster Story, Larry Thompson Org.; Lifetime Movie aired 2003; tipped in 2000

    “Snow Angels” – Aniak Fire Dept. Story, PME/Lions Gate Ent.; 2002 Series Pilot Option; tipped in 2001

    “Princess & Marine” – Meriam Al-Khalifa Story, Columbia TriStar-PME; NBC Movie aired 2001; tipped 2000*

    “One Angry Man” – Jim Thomas Story, Angel Ark-Vision/Showtime; 2001 Movie Script order; tipped in 1998

    “Bully” – Bobby Kent Story, Muse Films/Lions Gate Films; 1998 book release; 2001 Feature; tipped in 1993

    “Never Let Her Go” – Anne M. Fahey Story, Greenwald-Lieberman; CBS Mini-Series aired 2001; tipped 1997

    “Boys Don’t Cry” – Teena Brandon Story, Hart-Sharp Ent./Killer Films; 1999 Feature; tipped in 1994

    “Lethal Vows” – Dorothy Boyer Story, Braun Ent. Group; CBS Movie aired 1999; tipped in 1993

    “Judgment Day” – Ellie Nesler Story, Jaffe/Braunstein; USA Network aired 1999; tipped in 1993

    “Fatal Transcript” – Wade Burnett & Susie Mowbray Story; 2001 Forensic Files Doc Series Episode; Producers Ent. Group/ABC; 1998 Movie Script rewrite; tipped 1993*

    “A Father For Brittany” – Keith Lussier Story, Grossbart/Barnett; CBS Movie aired 1998; tipped in 1994

    “Lies He Told” – James Douglas Pou Story, Jaffe/Braunstein Prods.; ABC Movie aired 1997; tipped in 1992

    “Forbidden Love” – Steve & Kim Williams/Marines Story, Avnet-Kernerl; ABC 1996 Script order; tipped 1995

    “Fly Away Home” – Bill Lishman Story, Sandollar-Carol Baum Prods/Sony; 1996 Feature; tipped 1993

    “Angel Flight Down” – Samantha Bahr Story, Carla Singer Prods.; ABC Movie aired 1996; tipped 1994

    “For the Future” – The Irvine Fertility Scandal, Lavin Entertainment; Lifetime Movie aired 1996; tipped 1995

    “Seduced By Madness” – Diane Borchardt Story, Pike Prods.; NBC Mini-Series aired 1996; tipped 1994

    “No One Could Protect Her” – Denise S-Calis Story, Rothstein/Hearst; ABC Movie aired 1996; tipped 1993

    “Baby Brokers” – Debbie Freeman Story, Dalrymple/Columbia TV; NBC Movie aired 1994; tipped in 1990*

    “Separated By Murder” – Peggy Wilson/Betty Lowe Story, LTO; CBS Movie aired 1994; tipped 1993

    “Juice – The OJ Simpson Tragedy” – Murder, Arrest & Trial, Globe Books; 1994 Book release; tipped 6/13/94*

    “Snowbound” – Stolpa Family Story, Jaffe/Braunstein Prods.; CBS Movie aired 1994; tipped 1993

            *Entertainment Projects developed by Colbert’s producer-partners.