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    The True Story Pipeline

    Since 1993, 400 local journalists across America have trusted Exec Producer Thomas J. Colbert to develop and market their best breaking articles to the national media, entertainment industry, corporate and government clients.

                “Just a clean group of reporters. Everything is above board.”                                                  Susan Zirinsky, former CBS News President

    Colbert also maintains their off-the-grid story bank of thousands of features. Each file’s one-line description is searchable by 100 keyword codes (like MED-medical, COF-change of fortune, MYS-mystery, HEA-heartwarming, REV-revenge, REC-recovery, LVT-love triangle and NWT-new technology). For background on this private pipeline, see “The Gem Hunter” article on homepage.

    More than two dozen of the sources’ true tales have reached the big/small screens and publishing, nine to Colbert’s direct credit.*  They are:

    “D.B. Cooper: Part 2” – Robert W. Rackstraw Story, Premium Streamer; five-part documentary in production for 2022; tipped in 2011*

    “The Wedding Sting”Lacey Brown Story, Paramount Pictures; 2017 script order;  Scherick & Associates/ABC; 1993 TV-pilot script order; tipped in 1990

    “D.B. Cooper: Case Closed?” – Robert W. Rackstraw Story, The History Channel; four-hour documentary aired 2016; tipped in 2011*

    “The Last Master Outlaw” – Robert W. Rackstraw Story, Jacaranda Roots Publishing;  2016 Co-Authored Book release; 3 National Awards for True Crime; tipped in 2011*

    “Deep” – Jack Ballentine Story, eOne Entertainment/HBO; 2013 Series Pilot Script Order; tipped in 2009

     “The Vow” – Carpenters Family Story, Spyglass Ent./Screen Gems; 2012 Feature, 2002 Book release; tipped in 1996*

     “The Unexpected Patriot” – Shannen Rossmiller Story, St. Martin’s Press; 2011 Book release; tipped in 2004*

    “Catch Her if You Can” – Esther Reed Story, Braun Ent. Group/Lifetime; 2012 Script Order; tipped in 2007

    “Inside the DEA” – Heidi Herrera/Green Ice Story, AuthorHouse Pub; 2006 Book release; tipped in 1993

    “Snapped” – Kristin Rossum Story, Jupiter Ent./Oxygen Network; 2004 Doc Series Episode; tipped in 2000

    “Date with Darkness” – Andrew Luster Story, Larry Thompson Org.; Lifetime Movie aired 2003; tipped in 2000

    “Snow Angels” – Aniak Fire Dept. Story, PME/Lions Gate Ent.; 2002 Series Pilot Option; tipped in 2001

    “Princess & Marine” – Meriam Al-Khalifa Story, Columbia TriStar-PME; NBC Movie aired 2001; tipped 2000*

    “One Angry Man” – Jim Thomas Story, Angel Ark-Vision/Showtime; 2001 Movie Script order; tipped in 1998

    “Bully” – Bobby Kent Story, Muse Films/Lions Gate Films; 1998 book release; 2001 Feature; tipped in 1993

    “Never Let Her Go” – Anne M. Fahey Story, Greenwald-Lieberman; CBS Mini-Series aired 2001; tipped 1997

    “Boys Don’t Cry” – Teena Brandon Story, Hart-Sharp Ent./Killer Films; 1999 Feature; tipped in 1994

    “Lethal Vows” – Dorothy Boyer Story, Braun Ent. Group; CBS Movie aired 1999; tipped in 1993

    “Judgment Day” – Ellie Nesler Story, Jaffe/Braunstein; USA Network aired 1999; tipped in 1993

    “Fatal Transcript” – Wade Burnett & Susie Mowbray Story; 2001 Forensic Files Doc Series Episode; Producers Ent. Group/ABC; 1998 Movie Script rewrite; tipped 1993*

    “A Father For Brittany” – Keith Lussier Story, Grossbart/Barnett; CBS Movie aired 1998; tipped in 1994

    “Lies He Told” – James Douglas Pou Story, Jaffe/Braunstein Prods.; ABC Movie aired 1997; tipped in 1992

    “Forbidden Love” – Steve & Kim Williams/Marines Story, Avnet-Kernerl; ABC 1996 Script order; tipped 1995

    “Fly Away Home” – Bill Lishman Story, Sandollar-Carol Baum Prods/Sony; 1996 Feature; tipped 1993

    “Angel Flight Down” – Samantha Bahr Story, Carla Singer Prods.; ABC Movie aired 1996; tipped 1994

    “For the Future” – The Irvine Fertility Scandal, Lavin Entertainment; Lifetime Movie aired 1996; tipped 1995

    “Seduced By Madness” – Diane Borchardt Story, Pike Prods.; NBC Mini-Series aired 1996; tipped 1994

    “No One Could Protect Her” – Denise S-Calis Story, Rothstein/Hearst; ABC Movie aired 1996; tipped 1993

    “Baby Brokers” – Debbie Freeman Story, Dalrymple/Columbia TV; NBC Movie aired 1994; tipped in 1990*

    “Separated By Murder” – Peggy Wilson/Betty Lowe Story, LTO; CBS Movie aired 1994; tipped 1993

    “Juice – The OJ Simpson Tragedy” – Murder, Arrest & Trial, Globe Books; 1994 Book release; tipped 6/13/94*

    “Snowbound” – Stolpa Family Story, Jaffe/Braunstein Prods.; CBS Movie aired 1994; tipped 1993

            *Entertainment Projects developed by Colbert’s producer-partners.