Five years ago, Tom and Dawna Colbert launched an elite cold case team made up of former FBI agents, police detectives, private eyes and CSI experts. Working alongside a documentary crew and author, the team had one mission: to separate the facts from the fiction surrounding the world’s only unsolved hijacking.

Now a History Channel special on D. B. Cooper is set for Summer 2016, in collaboration with the FBI. The program will feature the elite team’s methodical investigation; tell the stories behind the top Bureau suspects; and test newly-discovered theories. Will the two-night show (and companion book) divulge the identity of the legendary outlaw? And after 45 years, is the case even solvable? Hold onto your ripcords for some truly stunning developments!

Watch the trailer: D.B. Cooper Case Closed? The History Channel Documentary

Image Credits: Photographer: David Schulman.


  1. […] 45 years after legendary outlaw skyjacker D.B. Cooper disappeared from a plane, believed to have survived and headed off into the sunset with a pretty haul of cash, the iconic mystery involving his fate is back in the spotlight. Could the case — what happened to Cooper? What happened to the money? — be solvable? A powerhouse investigative team that includes FBI experts set about cracking this sizzling cold case. This mystery has always intrigued me as it has so many so I will be reading “The Master Outlaw” by (okay, I’m biased, my pal) reporter Tom Szollosi and Thomas J. Colbert and hanging on every word. Better still, the book is a companion piece to a new History Channel documentary, airing Sunday July 10 and Monday July 11. “The Last Master Outlaw” has been called “spellbinding” and “jaw-dropping” by veteran L.A. news anchor Sylvia Lopez. It’s available for order, Friday July 8. […]